People from the old Eastern StatesA�where they call Biafra (theA�South East and South South regions of Nigeria) who share similar origin and cultural heritage more than any other region have been separated by the colonial masters since independence which according to contributions from Nigerians is because of the intellect, ingenuity, strength and hardworking genes found among people from this region. they seem stronger together and they become minorities when apart.

Emeke Wrote: As long as people from south south answer Niger Delta, South South and other names they will forever remain a minority in their country. because no one even the last born of a family is suppose to be a minority in his father’s compound. Even Igbos are minorities too as long as the reject their own flesh and blood. But when everyone in the old eastern state answers Biafra they become a force to reckon with and the become the leaders in all ramification. because yorubas answer Oduduwa or Afanifere and Hausas answer Arewa why cant we all answer Biafra.

There is an ongoing debate on social media on why all Militants are declaring support for Nnamdi Kanu.

But reading the above writeup from Emeke it is only logical to guess that the militants have finally broken the Divide and Rule Tactics of division instituted by the white men. meaning the Gospel of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB has gone to the bones of this militant.

their resumed activities is currently free from kidnapping and wickedness as they claim they are freedom fighters now who share a common goal with IPOB. hmmm do you smell what i am smelling ??????????

Another visitor from south south said

south south are wised up now

Nigerians beware lets deal with this problem now before it gets out of hands. and president Buhari should consult with his intelligent advisers on a better way to solve this problems than vowing to crush this new generation of militants.

There is a proverb that when mosquito hangs on your scrotum you don’t clap or use force to avoid the greater danger you simply use diplomacy and style to remove it without hurting your self too much.

Readers what do you think ?

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