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Prophet Cyril Ogwu Endorses Delta Talent Hunt

Nigeria Celebrity Man of God, Prophet Cyril Ogwu, have been said to have introduced to what would later become the new rave and a path to glory and fame for the youth; the first Season of the ‘Delta Talent Hunt’ which was premiered to instantly launch it’s winners into a world of fame and glitz. The Delta State based man of God, Prophet Cyril Ogwu is passionate about the arts and
the creative economy as a major step in economic diversification. In line with his age-long heritage of nation building and human empowerment, Prophet Cyril Ogwu in January 2017 launched Delta Talent Hunt – a premier gospel competitive talent show where Delta youths will be given the opportunity to project their creative skills in music, comedy, dancing, acting, writing, and modeling. This journey of Delta Talent Hunt is anticipated to begin with the electrifying process of selecting the most outstanding talents through several auditions which will identify the brightest talents for the Talent Hunt. The contestants will be taken through the rigorous journey of the Talent Hunt under the tutelage and mentorship of a panel of judges. Through a series of exciting creative challenges as well as a string of tense and teary eliminations, ten contestants will emerge to compete for the final prize of N100,000 plus a 2year management deal. With the requisite mentorship and in line with the mandate of the talent hunt, the winners will be highly supported and sponsored in their artistic career.

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