OAP Toke Makinwa hints at being engaged

Seems like we should be expecting another celebrity wedding soon, as media personality and seasoned actress, Toke Makinwa has dropped some hints in a series of posts on her Instagram story.

The radio personality has been off for about 12 years now in terms of relationships and this has kept fans wondering.

Well, following her recent post, hopefully, there will be an announcement in the coming days.

Vanguard reports that Makinwa got married to Maje Ayide in 2014 but the marriage crashed a few years after following reports of infidelity.

However, in the recent post, Makinwa hinted that she’s embracing a new chapter in her life and saying goodbye to a huge part of her life for 12 years.

She wrote;

“I began the process of saying goodbye to a huge part of my life yesterday, 12 years of me. It felt ok at first then I had one of the worst moments after. My anxiety on 100, Sweaty palms, watery eyes, the fear of the unknown, feeling unsure of my decision, wanting to just curl up and disappear. I am excited about what is to come but why do I feel so afraid.

“I guess it kind of mirrored my life. I don’t welcome change as I should, I hold on to things cos I’m afraid I. Not of what I might and after, I’m afraid of the me that I’ll have to learn again cos I’ve worked so hard to become who I am, I’m scared of losing me again. I share to let you know that you are not alone.

“I’m hoping that this new chapter brings me so much clarity and peace of mind. Doing it afraid has always been my mantra so I’m ready. I can’t wait to share with you all and I hope you come on this journey with me. Coming soon”.At this moment fans have been kept in suspense, especially after Makinwa shared a post a few days back where she stated that Nigerian men’s definition of a strong woman is long-suffering, emotional abuse, and a high tolerance for accepting bad behavior which appeared like she was not ready to go through love path anymore with a Nigerian

She wrote, “Society encourages that sort of narrative, women are seen as strong by the amount of beating she’s has to endure till the man was ready to give her peace. When they meet the women who stand up for themselves? Society labels them as wayward and too opinionated. Who is Society again? They automatically think being alone at a certain age means you are miserable. Would you not rather be 55 and alone than endure BS with someone? If that’s the definition of miserable, a beg which one will you rather be?”

Toke Makinwa added, “Nigerian men’s definition of a strong woman is long-suffering, emotional abuse and a high tolerance of accepting bad behavior. You’ll hear them say “she turned the boy in me into a man”, which means her name is endurance, the woman has endured.”

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