Nigeria wins gold medal at 2019 SAGE competition in US

Some Nigerian students have made the nation proud by winning two gold medals at the 2019 Students for the Advancement Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) competition

– The first group won for their project called the Marist Air Quality Monitor which detects harmful substances in the environment and trigger an alarm

– The second set of students got gold for the innovative project named Smart Irrigation System (IrrigateX) which will go a long in helping agriculture In the face of the bad publicity some citizens of the country are giving the nation, two groups of smart young Nigerian students have won gold medals at the 2019 Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) competition.

The project that won the firs group the coveted prize was called the Marist Air Quality Monitor, a problem-solving project that contributes to healthy living.

The young Nigerians competed rigorously for the prize with other students from different parts of the world as they presented their device that timely detects injurious environments.

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