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I was never a sex worker a�� Trumpa��s wife

Melania Trump, wife of US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, is suing a Slovenian journalist for defamation over claims that she previously worked with an escort agency, her attorney said Wednesday.

The suit, filed last Friday at a court in the capital Ljubljana, accuses journalist Tomaz Mihelic of defamation as well as making false and unverified statements against the Slovenian-born former model.

The claims were published in Slovenian celebrity magazine Suzy in August and repeated in Britaina��s Daily Mail newspaper, in which Mihelic was interviewed under the fake initials S.S.

a�?The claim, according to which Mrs. Trump allegedly worked as an escort of wealthy men, strongly damaged Mrs. Trumpa��s reputation as a businesswoman and as the wife of businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump,a�? attorney Natasa Pirc Musar said in a statement sent to AFP.

She added that the claims had tarnished her clienta��s reputation a�?not only in Slovenia, where the magazine is published, but, due to her position and exposure at the time, also on a world scale.a�?


The Slovenske Novice company, which publishes Suzy magazine, has previously said its reporting a�?never claimed that Melania Trump offered services of sexual escort.a�?

Its report said she had worked with a New York modelling agency that a�?operated as an escort agency for wealthy clients,a�? the

newspaper said.

The Daily Mail retracted a story about Melania Trump in September after she filed a lawsuit accusing the tabloid, as well as US blogger Webster G. Tarpley, of defamation for publishing similar allegations.

The Daily Mail, like Slovenske Novice, said it a�?did not intenda�? to suggest she had been involved in the sex business.

Melania Trump was born in Slovenia a�� then part of the communist Yugoslavia a�� in 1970, leaving home in the early 1990s to pursue her modelling career. This took her to the United States where she met Trump, who she married in 2005.

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