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I support Dream Team VIa��s planned boycott of Denmark game a�� Siasia

A�Head coach of Nigeriaa��s U-23 team, Samson Siasia, has said that he is in full support of his playersa�� plan to boycott their quarter-final clash against Denmark on Saturday, because of unpaid allowances.

Siasia lashed out at the a�?disrespectfula�? authorities and says he will stand by his squada��s decision.

a�?We have been disrespected from all angles a�� the sports ministry, the Nigeria Football Federation. Is that how you will treat your own children? We are not street kids,a�? Siasia told Brila FM sports radio Friday morning.

a�?We have only been paid allowances for 11 days. There is no match bonus. What of all the months we have been training in Nigeria and Atlanta? Thata��s not fair.

a�?I have not received my salary for the past five months.

a�?Everything is upside down and the boys dona��t want to play anymore. Whatever they want to do, Ia��m with them. They are right for fighting for their rights.a�?

Siasia continued: a�?The country already has a bad image, but through football it has got some good image, but still they wona��t let us play.

a�?I have begged these boys, but I cannot do more than what I have done to get this team up to this point.

a�?I have done my best and now I am tired.a�?

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