Nigeria president MuhammaduA�Buhari has broken the silence on the state of his health and controversy surrounding his trip to London for medical tourism debunking rumors published by both print and online media.

While speaking with news men the president express his surprise on the level of desperation in Nigeria from so many people who go about publishing news that are untrue.

Reacting to Vanguard news of Jetting out for medical treatment, the president said he was in two states yesterday, he will be going to two more states tomorrowA�and also two more statesA�next tomorrow. He will be doing two states per day even at that he is still able to meet up with his schedules. he wonder why Nigerians got the impression thatA�has gone to relax in one place for treatment.

About the document paraded online about the state of his health the president debunked it as desperation which was fueled by corruption. PDP has killed Nigeria withing the 16 years of their rule, he asked what his health had to do with it when he is on the field on a daily basis. The news aboutA�a documentA�from ABU Zaria was false as ABU confirmed that the document was forged, this desperation is beyond my understanding.

Journalist asked him to react on the issue of his Certificate to prove to Nigeria that he has one.

Responding to it President Buahri said he contested election three times under the same leadership of Inec (Independent National Electoral Commission ) because his certificate was in order and there are individuals who wrote to the United states War College and they received response from the College and this has been published by some of the Nigerian papers. he also said the desperation of disinformation that is been passed around will do nobody any good because our minds are been taken away from the serious issues of corruption and incompetence by the PDP

When asked about the state of the Nigerian economy ; president Buhari said most of the Nigerian families where hungry during Christmas because the Government could not pay their Salaries yet they are talking about an individuals health instead the people

President Buhari was also asked about the state of his health and the response got everyone loughing.

“How old are you ?, he asked the journalist who responded 50, …..I tell you if we go to the field you would last the time i will last in the field

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