Its no news that Militant of the Niger Delta have resumed activities in the delta but this time in a different way.A�A�powerful militant groups are resurrecting daily, this newly structured militants seemed to have affinity with the Eastern states are dead ready to give President Muhammadu Buhari and the governors of the South South and South East states the hell of trouble should they fail to accede to their demands and liberate not just their zones but the whole region of the old eastern states.

The question everyone is asking is why ?

Could it be fueled by the emergence of a northern president Buhari?

Or because Former President Jonathan lost election

Or due to the military attitude or dictatorial comments from president Buhari who prefers to use force when the delta is involve but would rather be mute on activities of herdsmen and negotiate with world renowned terrorist Boko Haram ?

Could it also be because Nnamdi Kanu have succeeded in uniting the separated ethnicity of the old eastern states (south east and south south who where separated because of the British divide and rule tactics) ?

Or because Nnamdi Kanu has defeated Nigeria without shooting a bullet but rather through propagating the message of freedom to most people from the old eastern states ?

During the reign of the previous set of militants who where offered amnesty by late president Yaradua the agitation for Biafra has not gotten to the magnitude it has now and the Niger Delta militant didn’t have a greater cause to fight for apart from revenue shares and development of their zones.

Who are this new sets of militants propping out by the day ?

Are they this new militants ? are they the same ones offered amnesty some years back? or are they the younger boys of the lords of the creeks who where forced to retire their militant activities in the Delta?

From our Report we can count over 6 Militant group who recently emerged and have vowed to cripple the Nigeria economy, worst of all is that this militant have learnt the secrecy lessons form Boko Haram and have choose to remain faceless to everyone making it more difficult for the Nigerian Government to crush because you can only fight what you see and who you know, not a ghost or a shadow.

President Buhari must understand that this militant are powerful and very formidable using violence means to getA�them will lead to more trouble and lost of live as they are determined to continue their activities, diplomacy and negotiation should always be used rather than utterances that further chase peace to the wind and provoke more dangerous group to emerge.

Remember nobody have the monopoly of violence, the Nigerian government should seek peaceful means of resolving this issue and save Nigerians from the doom this violence can create.

  1. Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) : this are the most prominent of them all in recent time and have to their names one of the greatest tactical under water oil installation attackA�and the highest number of militant activities in the Delta.
  2. Concerned Militant Leaders (CML): this is another group who haveA�threatened to bomb more flow stations in the delta, even as they lambasted the governors of their zones for cowardly allowing the federal governmenta��s indirect war against their domains without resistance.
  3. Restoration Force (RF): This is another group who centers more on freedom fighting and defending the old eastern region than just fighting for oil revenue allocation.
  4. Red Egbesu Water Lions (REWL): This group emerged from the creeks of Bayelsa. they announced their arrival by finding anA�Agip oil facility located in Sagbama Local Government Area and blew up a gas pipeline.A�They destroyed the Ayama section of the Ogboinbiri-Tuomo gas pipeline with dynamites at about 9.00 pm on Tuesday. That line was earlier repaired, last week and again vandalized.
  5. Isoko Liberation Movement:A�wrote a letter sayingA�Peaceful Disintegration or War. the group said it is in solidarity with the Egbesu Fraternity militants, the Niger Delta Avengers and other militants of the Niger Delta. Although it expressed solidarity with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), it warned them against reliance on a peaceful route to freedom
  6. Delta Suicide Squad (NDSS):A�Unlike the NDA which conA�centrates its attacks on pipelines and facilities of major oil firms, the new group has threatened to destroy the equipment of private oil firmsa�� installations in the region. theyA�warned owners of tank farms, storage tanks and private jetties to quit the Niger Delta within seven days.
    It said failure to comply with the deadline, the owners of such facilities stood the risk of losing their investments.
  7. Ultimate Warriors of Niger Delta, (UWND): This groupA�demanded that 60% of oil blocs be owned by the Niger Delta region and the immediate commencement of academic at Federal Maritime University.
  8. Niger Delta Red Squad: who announced their presence byA�blowing up of two pipelines belonging to Shell in the Asa/Awarra axis of Ohaji Egbema Council Area
  9. Ekpeye Liberation Group (ELG): thisA�militant group, which consists of ex-militants and freedom agitators claimed responsibility for explosion at NAOCa��s well 5 in Akara Olu community in Ahoada West Local Government Area of Rivers State

the Nigerian Government must at this point find a lasting solution to this ugly situations before it gets out of hand.

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