Breaking News: Finally British Government Calls For Biafra Referendum

Nigeria: A sign of hope for all those agitating for the restoration of Biafra from Nigeria. the ingenuity and tactics of the indigenous people of Biafra is second to non as it has started paying off.

The calls and protests by the Indigenous People of Biafra and other such groups, received some attention in the British House of Commons.

In a motion called Early Day Motion 808 and titled Biafra Independence, Elliott, Tom moved a motion that urged the British government to support the bid for the creation of a Biafra Republic by urging the Nigerian government to conduct a referendum.

The motion which was supported by Kinahan, Danny read

a�?That this House recognizes the calls for the independence of territories that constituted the Biafra Republic; acknowledges the Biafran issue could be improved with the co-operation of the Nigerian government by offering a referendum; and urges the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to use its diplomatic strength to assist in the resolution of this matter.a�?


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  1. Biafra should go, buhari should stop the madness of killing in his blood. Buhari has arranged with strange forces to attack Igbos/xtians . I had revelation of his evil attack, and it’s playing. The world should wake up and prevent this bloodbaths on the way. Buhari is a devil incarnate on evil mission against humanity-the innocent Biafran for no just cost. I have the details of my revelation to substantiate my claims. I saw rivers of blood being spearheaded by buhari on disguise… The man is devilish, the world will cry if nothing is done urgently. Biafra,is the only solution.

    • let biafra go

    • Please and please let Biafra go we are not one with Nigeria not before not not now and not ever our ways are not same and can never be sesame we are Biafrans all the tribes in the old eastern Part are All Biafrans from one forefather Gad we all have same culture and traditional way of life the Funanis are stranger from outside they find pleasure in human blood But we Biafrans don’t kill or drink human blood. So can’t live with Demons

  2. we from south-east, south-south Nigeria are tired of this so called Nigeria, WE WANT BIAFRA, AND FREE NNAMDI KANU.

  3. chaperone Israel

    I don’t see a reason to be called a Nigerian… Free Biafra and grant other Africa Christian community/countries a long dreamed freedom and safety….

  4. Buhari Biafra will if you like it or not remember what God did to a man who refused free Israel’s

    • But on a real sense and by law everywhere in the world if your daughter or son is 18 he /she has a right to adulthood privacy again if you are into marriage if you feel you are cheeted in anyway you call for divorce but Why in the history of Nigeria when Igbo talk about freedom it became so had for some persons to understand and naturally see it as it implies? Some will tell you if you Igbo is freed now they will start fighing because they don’t love them selves! Can you imagine that? So BIAFRANS need freedom as matter of urgency,

    • Nwachukwu Samuel

      Yes biafr must go free us bihari leave us alon

  5. God at work, Jesus must reign all over the world and no darkness can stop it. Biafra is moving on n get of Nigeria shall not prevail.

  6. All we need is Freedom. We are tired of this killing of Biafran eveevryday by Nigerian Gorvement. Free baifrafree nnamdikanu

    • Obinna Ibeawuchi

      Biafra or death, Biafra or we destroy the zoo Nigeria and nobody should play with our resolve because Biafra restoration is sacrosanct and no man born of a woman can stop Biafra restoration.

  7. let Biafra go

  8. Nigeria is formerly divided into three regions, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. If a citizen is not an indigenous person of Hausa and Yoruba therefore, the person is an Igbo vice vasa.

  9. free the biafrans. seclude our nation from other tribes. let us be. buhari, you need to do something about biafra exit urgently. we want to go. God is watching

  10. Iheanyichukwu Nwokenna

    Do the right thing

    • The British gvt should allow the Biafrans to go to the promised land and serve our God. The Lord Yahweh is calling us to go home this year.

  11. Biafra Gods one and only chosen nation. Nigeria or No nigeria BIAFRAN FLAG MUST BE LIFTED to fulfill Gods promises.

  12. A lot of ignorance is displayed here unfortunately.

  13. Now we’re saying biafra,if it happen dat dis country is been divided ,the south east people should not try to intimidate the south south,i know dat now we’re looking for biafra we pretend to be unite,we ve to learn hw to luv ourselves not to claim I.T.k.

    • nobody will be intimidated. The Igbos are just hardworking, industrious and ambitious. So it might make the South-South feel intimidated. They have no choice but to keep up.

      • Thanks so much Emeka for your submission. The real truth is that the Niger Delta can’t compete with an industrious south east and it scares them to hell.

        • Don’t underestimate anyone here, don’t forget there igbos from that region, and literally speaking they originated from the most blessed and most industrious place which is anambra, am not an igbo person but i sure know a lot about the igbos

    • I guess most of ur friends are Igbos bcos they are travellers and friendly, just answer sincerely, hw many of them have intimidated you? Forget the lies in this country

  14. Darlington Nwokoma

    Allow them to go as the Project is not working.

    • Biafra is what we need. Give us biafra. Nigeria is not a place to live. Nigeria is a place where cows are valued more than human being. Its bloody and a lawless country. Greedy, selfish and heartless people are our leaders. Pls the world should hear us, we need Biafra as a matter of urgency.

    • Nwankwo Sylvester

      Impunity and genocide against the south-south and south-east (Biafrans) is alarming. So, all we need is Biafra and nothing more.

  15. Biafra, should be let go and granted their state of independent . Nigeria is too large for one nation and is also too big for one president to handle with its numerous vices. Granting Biafran autonomy will as well create good environment, employment opportunities and more and easy developmental progression to all nooks and cranies of the sovereignty .

  16. we biafrans wants to be free from nigerar

  17. please allow Biafra to go. we are tired of Nigeria.

  18. Nigeria Is Ungratful & Hoples. Biafra Fed Them For Over 100yrs Yet They Cannot Say Tank U Nor Hav Anything To Show! Biafra Need Freedom And Not Refrendum

  19. (i) Infact Nigeria Is a country That Manufacture Corruption., Permit Me To Say Nigeria Trade Corruption, They Will Rig Referendum I Trust My Forma l Corrupt Zoo Country Called nigeria (ii) Nnamdi Kanu And All The Detained Biafrans Will Be Release

  20. Yes Referendum If Will Nt Rig

    • Allow Biafrans to go , we need our freedom pls, British should do something about it for God sake, we re tired of being called one country Nigeria.

  21. nigeria should let Biafra go NOW OR…………….

  22. It’s obvious the Nigerian project isn’t working. So, the best thing to do in order to have peace in Nigeria is to let Biafra go. I think it’s long overdue

  23. It’s impressive that you are getting ideas from this post as well as from our dialogue made here.

  24. Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I’ve
    found out till now. However, what about the bottom line?
    Are you positive in regards to the source?

  25. Nigeria will never work , untill biafra nation emerge , our fathers , mothers , uncle , sisters , brothers and children that perish their life during the genocide done by nigeria government are still crying from the grave over what did .… so nigeria are living with a course untill justice is done , which is to give us freedom and country of our own . With God on our side not too far away , the children of most high will celebrate to glorify his name , all hail biafra …

  26. We are biafrans and Biafra is all we want.
    Unity should not be by force THANK YOU.

  27. Perhaps UK & America are plotting for avenues to sell more of their arms and ammunition in the event of another break out of war between Biafra\Nigeria.
    Otherwise, I don’t see why the issue of Biafran independence has been left on the table for over 50 years now. The entire world should heed this SOS and make Biafra gappe. #Kosovo, Rwanda, Liberia, Bosnia.


  29. It’s in fact very complex in this full of activity life to listen news on TV, so I simply use
    web for that purpose, and take the latest news.

  30. Biafra should be allowed to go home period. Am tired of this place call nigeria. It’s beyond redemption. The more we wait the worst it gets.

  31. We need Biafra and nothing more, The Restoration of Biafra is in the hand of God.

  32. Okereke Desmond Chimaobi

    Biafra most be free. Allow Biafra to go.

  33. Joseph Celestine


  34. Nigeria should let Biafra to go , Biafra has died enough in the hands of Nigeria government ,( hause , fulanis)

  35. Akagbusi temple chigaemezu

    Biafra is going,if buhari like let him go and hang him self.we have nothing to do one Nigeria

  36. Buhari can’t stop Biafra from going

  37. nnaji ekpereamaka

    Thank God for the progress so far

  38. All we ask for is freedom.
    The killings, injustice is too much.
    Conduct a referendum and let’s go our separate ways.
    Nigeria has been hijacked.

  39. Its time for freedom there is no nigeria. One nigeria is a mess. Freeeeeeddddooommmmm…

  40. Solomon Ejiro Tedjere

    Biafra is long due to be free as a sovereign nation. One Nigeria is nothing but a death cage..

  41. Free Biafra US, EU, Uk, RU, CH And UN before the Evil potted against Biafrans by Bihari and the Fulani herders be carry out, please please .May God save Biafra

  42. May God grant us Biafra now that I am alive

  43. Lord Jesus I thank you finally Biafra Is here, the gates of hell can not prevail against it.

    • Nnannah Princewill

      We are Igbo’s and we have made the highest sacrifice to keep Nigeria as one, we have the Interest of our Country at Heart by liven and Investing in all parts of Nigeria without fear of any Loss but believe me, its not working at all because despite all our efforts to make Nigeria great, we are the most hated People by the other Tribes in Nigeria, we were deported back to Igbo land by a sitting Governor Fashola of Lagos state some years back, in any slitest provocations we are attacked in our own Country as if we are not welcomed so the best thing is to give us a chance to try our Destiny by allowing us to go and form the Biafra we have been clamouring for over Fifty years ago and let’s see what will become of us.

  44. Ebere Charles glory

    we don’t wanna stay/live with the people of Nigeria because they are evil and wicked all we need is Biafra and nnamdi kalu

  45. Obiajuru ukommiri

    With Biafra the of whole of African will be at peace..I love Biafra my country land of raising ☀

  46. Netanyahu Binyamin

    Biafra is already overdue and it’s high time the international community come into this matter to avoid the second civil war that is looming.The word should use because of the way Nnamdi Kanu is handling the issue of Biafrexit and Hasting their referendum which must be conducted by the world herself not Nigeria because out judicial system handle by a Sharia CJN will stop at nothing in seeing that they thwart the referendum through the the help of FG of Nigeria and case study imo state ruling .As for our brother from South South afraid that Igbos be might intimidate them when Biafra is actualise they know deep down their heart that is a blatant lies because Igbos love and care their neighbors and as well love healthy competition.Shalom

  47. With all these happenings here in Nigeria, I came to conclusion that Biafra is my only hope
    May God give u peace as u grant our heart desires

  48. Please we have never been Nigeria Biafra has been existing before the birth of Nigeria we know who we are.they can’t continue to force us to remain with nigeria,every has time and season so it is time to let the Biafra go we are tired of this bullshit called Nigeria,Nigeria has now rule of law so we can’t live with them any more

  49. Who will vote? All Nigerians? Which tribe are more in population? The result is them apparent!

  50. Who will vote? All Nigerians? Which tribe has more populations? The result is then apparent!

  51. God thank You for hearing our prayers, please Nigeria we are tired let us go, British let Biafra go.

    We are tired of watching our fathers, mothers, siblings, slaughtered

  52. Hey! Mr. Buhari or whatever they call u better let Biafra go if u know God will not punish ur generation.

    Or hostage them & see what the king of Egypt saw while he held the Israelites on hostage.

    Do the needful before you get done by the needful
    “Thank you”

  53. We need our own nation and that is all we ask of Biafra referendum

  54. Please give us Biafra because it’s our only hope. The Nigerian government is not working for majority of the people

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