Biafrans all over the world have started reacting to the new of the United kingdom leaving EU and the resignation of their prime Minister David Cameron.

David Cameron has resigned his position as the Prime Minister of Britain.

His resignation came hours after Britain voted to exit the European Union in a referendum. The result had caused the British Pound to fall levels seen several decades ago.

Speaking afterwards, Cameron said Britain required “fresh leadership” to negotiate the country’s exit from the EU, ITV News says.

“I do not think it would be right for me to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination,” he said in a statement outside Downing Street.

He promised to “steady the ship” over the coming months before stepping down in October.

Mr Cameron said the result was the “will of the British people” which was an “instruction which must be delivered”.

He was close to tears as he announced his decision.

It is very clear that one of the greatest challenge the current Biafra agitators are facing is that of Britain not accepting a divided Nigeria, they have always spoken about the territorial integrity of Nigeria which is off-course their creation.

reason british loves nigeria

The world woke up on Friday to receive the news that the United Kingdom had voted to pull out of European Union (EU).

Apart from Greenland, one of Denmarka��s overseas territories, which gained a greater degree of self-government after a referendum in 1982, no nation state has ever left the EU.

But a total of 33.6 million people across 41,000 polling stations participated in a referendum with results a�� 51.9 for BREXIT and 48.1 against it a�� sending waves of shock across the world.

In Nigeria, the agitation for the sovereignty of Biafra regained momentum, particularly on social media, after the UK voters made the historic decision.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) are the groups in the frontline of the campaign for a separate state, and the appeal of the federal government has not made them shift ground.

The violence recorded during protests organised by these groups has been a source of concern. The effect of the recent one which occurred less than a month ago is still being felt.

While commemorating the 50th anniversary of the declaration of Biafra, campaigners clashed with security agents in different parts of the south-east. Both sides have continued to trade blame for the incidents, which left tales of woe.

Many were killed, some hospitalised, property destroyed, and some are still in detention. What is the solution to this problem? Should Nigeria hold a referendum to put the agitation to the test?


Read what Biafrans have to say about this new development of Britain Leaving EU…..

Elisha Obike Michael BiafaraA�SaidA�UK have voted to leave EU, David Cameron have resigned, soon Barack Hussein Obama will leave office and Donald Trump will take over, all these are in favor of Biafra, many European countries will vote to leave E.U soon, and they will be busy to securing their economy and Biafra will set like the sun.

Chidimma Ada Biafra IhenduA�saidA�British Prime Minister David Cameron resigns !!!A�@RadioBiafra We told him he will be disgrace .

Biafra Israel PrinceA�SaidA�I am a Biafran, My congratulation to British for voted to leave EU where they feel their interest are not protected. But EU never killed any Briton but they choose to leave EU despite they are all Christians. But I wonder what right Britain has to force Biafra to remain in expired one Nigeria where Biafrans are been slaughtered like Ramadan rams by Muslims Northern Nigeria.whatever is good for British is good for Biafrans we are set to leave Nigeria Union either by peace or Violence. One of this two thing must happen because black people don’t listen to any body that is protesting against injustice and marginalization empty handed not until you acquire Dangerous Weapons and start killing people and destroying govt properties then you see them asking for dialogue and Negotiation.

Maduka Chinemelum OgwuelekaA�SaidA�Britain will not benefit from an independent Biafra. The Igbos are extremely intelligent and too independent-minded for Britain. Britain prefers a country they can control. Hausa-Fulanis are not holding Biafra. Britain is.

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  1. Every well thinking Nigerian of Biafra extraction would perceive the impossibility of Nigeria being a country right from the day its called a republic. Culturally, religiously, and physically the southeastern Nigeria the Biafra is in no way match to be patched together with the Muslim north. Then the best thing that can bring along calm in Nigeria is separation. What troubles Britain to leave EU but vowed to tie the Christian southeast together in frenzy with the Muslim north which they know is irritating. Whenever you see a no vote to the referendum, trace it carefully to see it to be a northerner, so the referendum will not be done on line but by ballot and by biafrans alone and will not be conducted by this corrupt regime.

  2. Life here in Nigeria is living hell for us the biafrans. Marginalization is now a no new story, it is now as if we are slaves in our own soil..they kill us and at the same time luck us up..we have to travel all the way to lagos to be able to use seaports while we have onitsha, callabar and portharcot connected To the Atlantic. Can someone tell me the business of the federal Government with nomadic agriculture that they are moving motions to take our lands away from us and give it to hardsmen. Enough is enough.

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